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React Native is actually an extension of React js. Generally, it’s a platform for developing native iOS, Android, and Universal Windows platform supported mobile applications that implements Javascript and React. React is a Javascript library for building user interfaces with a wider focus on the view portion of the application. Basically, it makes the view portion a perfect output of the state.

React native’s simplified learning curve makes it very easy to learn and to experiment with. It retains all language fundamentals and works on concepts that aren’t restricted to the framework alone.

Javascript combined with React Native can offer a real fast app experience, powering your application to run at 60 frames per second. Here, the Javascript code is isolated from the main UI thread and therefore offers smooth UI performance even during times of complex logic.

And it is versatile! Reactive native developers can produce a native mobile application without actually using Xcode and Andriod studio. Since same code deployment works for iOS and Android, it saves large amounts of time and developmental costs. So, what about the web? In a React based project, anything not directly attached to a native platform is highly shareable. Thus, the developed application can be rendered on web, iOS, and Andriod platforms, all driven by a common codebase. The architecture of React Native is built favoring mobile devices where it utilizes Graphics processing unit. Hence, React Native becomes a fast and strong performer in mobile environments. Why hire React Native Developers from Agriya? Well, we follow latest technical methodologies in line with your core values. Also, Agriya houses a team of seasoned React Native Developers who can aid you largely in exploring the advantages of it.

Benefits of React Native Framework:

  • Cost Reduction and code reusability
  • Live reload
  • Intuitive Architecture
  • Server-side rendering
  • Declarative API
  • Virtual DOM

Advantages of Agriya’s React Native development services:

  • Heightened user experience
  • Platform-optimized web and mobile applications
  • Simplified UI design
  • Constant technology-centric updates
  • Comprehensive solutions leveraging business efficiency
  • Business-friendly applications with strategic solution
  • Flawless security managed builds

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