Transcending conventional delivery practices

Previously traditional food delivery services were less accurate and constantly encountered distinct drawbacks. Today, we have integrated advanced technologies into our day-to-day lives, we rely on them in every aspect of our living, and so, our demands are more likely to be tech-driven and so are the solutions.

Taking this into consideration, Agriya came up with a fully-automated, performance-assured food delivery solution, built especially for businesses to set up the most efficient online food ordering platform. Our robust food delivery software is able to meet all present-day online food delivery challenges effectively.

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Limelight Features

  • Intuitive UI for great end-user experience
  • Powerful admin-side operations
  • Assured maximum compatibility
  • Easy to customize according to the requirements

Set Up an Inclusive
Online Food Ordering Platform: Unleash Your Full Business Potential

[Images: Food Ordering Solution]

Remarkable End-user experience

Offer an incredible end-user experience, make the food ordering process more compelling and simple, through easy navigation.

Streamlined Food Ordering Mechanism

Search for preferred restaurants, offers and other relevant information for a more targeted and optimized food ordering experience.

Robust Admin Dashboard

A solid admin-panel that gives you control over the whole process. It will helps you manage the operations with precision and ease.

Dual Purpose Food Delivery Solution

Use this complete food ordering solution to set up your own food delivery platform or create your very own outsourced delivery portal.

Manage Multiple Branches Concurrently

Manage and coordinate multiple restaurants and, delivery processes from multiple locations by taking advantage of our branch feature.

Genuine Payment Gateways

Incorporated safe and reliable payment methods to safeguard all money transactions.

  • Easy authentication options to join. Enabled guest login, allow users to order without logging in
  • Search for your favorite restaurants, browse through offers and place orders flawlessly
  • Choose the add-on for your favorite dish before placing the order
  • Leave feedback, review the services to help businesses improve their offerings and service
  • Access previous ordering details from order history
  • Authenticated payment methods for safe transactions
  • Manage orders efficiently, organize and deliver them systematically
  • Review and rate the customers, leave feedback on them
  • Optimize your profile page by providing necessary details and images
  • Advanced tracking mechanism to ensure the successful delivery
  • Dynamic navigation system and mapping for on-time delivery
  • Find previous delivery details from Order history
  • Easy Admin login, solid admin panel to manage the entire process efficiently
  • Manage requests, organize the listings, orders, reviews and more
  • Manage cities, add more to expand the business possibilities
  • Receive intelligent analytical data to view a transparent picture of the process
  • Predefined Email templates to minimize human efforts, and to optimize your marketing strategies
  • Track and monitor the entire delivery process to guarantee flawless completions
  • Real-time alerts to notify users and delivery partners about any important information
  • Assign sub-admins to segmentize the admin-side operations and thus elevate efficiency
[Image: Classified Ads Solution - Screenshot]
[Image: Classified Ads Solution - Screenshot]

Outcome-focused Add-on Services for Fast-growing Businesses

Customize your software platform according to the market-needs and requirements. Incorporate innovative custom functionalities to provide an advanced experience.

Make use of our server support plans for prolonged server maintenance.

Optimize your online efforts for enhanced online visibility. Utilize our high-end SEO services for maximum results.

Take advantage of our strategic content management services to streamline your content marketing efforts.

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  • Is your source code for ordering solution encrypted?

    Yes, the source code is encrypted for single domain usage.

  • Does Agriya provide post-delivery support?

    Yes, We provide post-delivery maintenance and support for food delivery solution. Check the support page for more information.

  • Are custom development services applicable for this food ordering system?

    Yes, you can avail custom development services for this product. We offer three engagement models: fixed cost, time & material, and dedicated developer.

  • How secure are the payment methods in this food ordering software solution?

    Agriya’s online food ordering solution integrates renowned payment gateways like Paypal.

  • How can I get access to the Demo?

    Simply fill in the inquiry form and our business development team will connect with you.

  • Do we deliver the exact product shown in the demo?

    Yes, we provide premium software solutions exactly as shown in the demo.



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