Set up an efficacious, all-inclusive taxi booking solution

Withstand modern-day transport challenges by deploying a first-rate taxi app solution that guarantee sheer competence and adaptability

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Delivering ultimate user- experience by incorporating feasible end-user attributes and crucial market elements

  • Create an id and get registered by using the flexible user authentication options
  • Set the pick up location, choose the right vehicle model, get the estimated fare and book the ride
  • Get an idea about the direction and path from time of the arrival till the end of journey via Google maps
  • Rate your journey, provide feedback on drivers
  • Real-time notifications on your journey, receive receipt in the form of E mail or SMS
  • Update or remove your details anytime
  • View the trip as well as payment history if required
  • Take advantage of versatile, reliable payment methods which allows you to pay via wallet money, credit or debit cards or electronic payment methods

Adequate driver involvement assured by offering a pliable, easy to use web interface

  • Easy onboarding, list vehicles by providing necessary information
  • Receive necessary passenger information for convenient pickup and journey
  • Splendid Google map navigation for right directions
  • Select between active or inactive status according to your availability
  • Get notifications real-time regarding new pickups
  • Given option to accept and decline the ride requests
  • Incorporate wallet money system to safeguard the payment process, no need to carry hard cash around
  • Monitor the details of your previous rides from history page

Business centric approach which proffers all-round oversighting opportunity, ensuring the efficient functioning of the whole process

  • Manage and organize the listed vehicles with utmost ease and precision
  • Send notifications to users as well as drivers making use of in-built email templates
  • Incorporate new drivers, review the signup requests, setup the commission rates
  • Make instant edits on the listed cars by utilizing the edit option
  • Check the availability and provide the right riding option for the users
  • Get consolidated summary on various business operations
  • Track the entire journey from beginning till the end
  • Expand your business, manage the same by adding more cities
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Elevate your potential by utilizing our add-on services

Custom Application Development

Personalize your application, edit,or add components, streamline your business operations by using our customization packages.

Digital Marketing Services

Enhance your online presence by utilizing our first-rated promotion services and take your business to the next level.

Web Server Maintenance

Make use of our server maintenance packages to get a comprehensive, vendor-agnostic server support and maintenance services.

Machine Generated Analytics

Get profound analytical insights on your business flow, incorporate our machine-generated analytical services for enhanced decision making.

Fully automated operations

Get benefited from our completely automatized on demand taxi booking solution and elevate your business big time.

Streamlined Payment Gateways

Safeguard your payment methods availing our highly authentic, efficient, secure payment portals.

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  • Are your source codes for taxi app solution modifiable?

    Yes, Agriya’s scripts are highly customizable and adaptable. Customer can make necessary changes, streamline the solution according to their needs.

  • Is this taxi booking solution supports multi-currency facility?

    Yes, agriya’s on demand taxi booking solution incorporates multi currency facility. You can change it through currency settings.

  • Is the source code encrypted?

    Yes, the source code is encrypted and is designee specifically for single domain usage. It prohibits multiple domain usages.

  • Do agriya provide post delivery maintenance for taxi app solution?

    Yes, Agriya offers maintenance supports along with several add-on services

  • What are the tech-specs or requirements to work with this taxi app solution?

    This application is highly compatible and demands no other specific requirements


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